Congresswoman Diana DeGette

Representing the First District of Colorado
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As a Member of Congress, I pride myself in my ability to assist you in your needs from the Federal Government. There are many resources available to you that include citizenship applications, grants for individuals and small businesses, and benefits for our veterans as well as current members of the military. Should you need help with a resource not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact my Denver office at (303) 844-4988.

Ayuda En Espanol

La oficina de la Rep. DeGette puede ayudarle si tiene dificultades con una agencia federal.  Por favor póngase en contacto con el personal de su oficina del distrito para discutir su situación.

Federal Grants

Thousands of federal grants are awarded every year to individuals and organizations across the country. If you are from Colorado's first district, have a unique idea, and need help navigating the grant application process please contact my Denver office for assistance. 

Help with Federal Agencies

My office can help if you are experiencing a problem with a federal agency. Please contact my District Office to discuss your situation. They will help you document your complaint and will fight to ensure you are treated fairly and equitably.

Immigration & Naturalization

Navigating our country's broken immigration system can be complicated and daunting. My staff will work with you to ensure your application is reviewed quickly and thoroughly. My office works with hundreds of people working to become American citizens every year and processes their applications in a helpful and timely manner.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our American economy. They employ millions of Americans and have always been a dynamic vehicle for growth in our country. Here in the Denver metro area some of our most iconic businesses were at one point small businesses and many of them still are. I would be happy to connect you with the various resources available for small businesses or for people interested in starting a small business.


The brave men and women who serve this country is uniform keep us safe and deserve our respect and gratitude. Here in the Denver metro area we live among well over 35,000 veterans. I believe that we owe our veterans the best possible health care and services that will help them re-integrate into civillian life. Please contact my Denver office if you need any assistance with a veterans' or military issue.