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President's SCHIP Comments "Reckless"

Jun 28, 2007
Press Release
Bush's Proposal Puts the Big Insurance Companies Before the Health of America's Children
WASHINGTON, DC - House Energy and Commerce Committee Vice-Chairman Diana DeGette (D-CO) today expressed disappointment over President George W. Bush's comments made yesterday regarding the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP):
"President Bush's comments on children's health care are simply reckless - jeopardizing the future of the State Children's Health Insurance Program by pursuing a controversial health care tax  proposal not only puts the health of millions of kids at risk, but once again illustrates the misguided priorities of this Administration.
"Created with bipartisan support, SCHIP is a proven, successful program that has reduced the number of uninsured children by one-third since its creation 10 years ago. This debate today is about the health of our nation's children, not unproven and irresponsible tax proposals.
"The President's plan of offering a tax deduction for purchasing private health care is unrealistic in delivering quality health care coverage to low-income children. The individual health insurance market is much more expensive, which is why these kids are uninsured in the first place. President Bush's proposal is not a substitute for a time-tested, invaluable program that has provided millions of low-income children with health care coverage.
"The clock is quickly running out on reauthorizing the SCHIP program. Now is the time to build upon its success to reach the goal of expanding health coverage to all children throughout the country."