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Representing the First District of Colorado
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Pro-Choice Caucus Co-Chairs DeGette and Lee on President Trump’s Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court

Jul 9, 2018
Press Release


Washington, DC -- Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus Co-Chairs DeGette (D-CO) and Barbara Lee (D-CA) tonight issued this statement in reaction to President Donald J. Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court:   


“We are deeply concerned about how Judge Brett Kavanaugh might rule on cases involving women’s health in general, privacy, and access to the full range of reproductive care services, including abortion care – a right that since 1973 has been protected under the Constitution. Donald Trump’s actions on these matters since assuming the Presidency have been decisively anti-reproductive rights, and his administration has pushed anti-woman policies through regulations as well as nominating and installing anti-choice candidates for health-related positions. We urge the Senate to scrutinize Judge Kavanaugh closely to ensure that Americans’ fundamental rights, including the right to choose, will be protected.


"President Trump’s reported short list of nominees was selected through a highly partisan process driven by a clear anti-choice agenda. Already, many are questioning the lasting damage this nomination may cause to the reputation of highest court in the land, as well the implications for Americans’ fundamental rights and civil liberties. This nomination is deeply troubling for women across the country. All Americans deserve nothing short of full transparency regarding Judge Kavanaugh’s views, intentions and attitudes toward what the Court stands for: Equal Justice Under Law.”