DeGette Statement on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Address to Congress

Mar 3, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette issued the following statement after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the U.S. Congress:

“Prime Minister Netanyahu voiced well-known concerns about the Iranian nuclear program, and his comments on a potential negotiated deal to curtail that program deserve scrutiny. I will be looking to ensure the pending deal prevents nuclear proliferation, curtails regional tensions, and protects the Israeli state and people.
“As a longtime supporter of Israel and its special relationship with the United States, I am disappointed that the planning and timing of this speech have created a political storm and have obscured the greater issues at play. We should have serious discussions and pointed, respectful debate about the best way to achieve our national interests and further the American-Israeli relationship.”

Rep. DeGette did not attend Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address due to a longstanding scheduling conflict.