DeGette statement on delivering article of impeachment to Senate Monday

Jan 22, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO), one of the nine impeachment managers who will present the article of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate on Monday, issued the following statement on their plan to move forward to trial next week:

“On Monday, we will deliver the article of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate. 

“The fact that Donald Trump no longer occupies the White House does not make him any less culpable for his crimes. 

“As president, Donald Trump incited an insurrection against our own government. He directed his supporters to lay siege on the U.S. Capitol to stop us from certifying the results of the election for his opponent, spurring one of the most violent attacks on our democracy by a sitting U.S. president that this nation has ever seen. 

“For the future health of our nation, it’s imperative that Donald Trump be held accountable for his actions. Allowing Donald Trump to simply walk away, without any accountability for such a heinous attack on our country, would send a very dangerous message to future presidents who may be eager to cause trouble in their final days.

“What Donald Trump did is inexcusable. We are more than ready to present our case; and we look forward to doing our part to ensure that Donald Trump is never allowed to hold public office again.”