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DeGette Honors Local Students Nominated to U.S. Service Academies

Jan 12, 2018
Press Release

Denver – Congresswoman Diana DeGette has nominated 21 local students from her district to United States service academies.

Each year, the congresswoman has the honor of reviewing the applications of high school seniors who intend to attend the academies, and then nominating a select few of the applicants. A volunteer citizen advisory board helps select the strongest candidates.

These students have worked hard to secure an appointment to these prestigious schools and are eager not only for the educational opportunities, but also the chance to serve their country.  Their nomination is a significant milestone in their lives and is marked by a ceremony attended by family members.

This year’s ceremony was held today in the Colorado State Capitol’s Old Supreme Court Chamber. 

“The choice by these young people to attend the service academies speaks volumes about their commitment to our country, to their communities, and to their own personal development,” DeGette said. “They will face extraordinary challenges as they prepare to answer the call to national service.”

The full list of nominees is below, along with the high school they currently attend. An asterisk is next to names of students who requested nominations to more than one academy.


U.S. Air Force Academy

1.    Anna Barrow – George Washington High School

2.    Mitchell Cook – Cherry Creek High School

3.    Thomas Gillman – Columbine High School

4.    Henrik Laird – Denver East High School

5.    Skylar Lodice – Dakota Ridge High School

6.    Tatum Maloney – Mullen High School

7.    *Michael Melton – Littleton High School

8.    Ponder Stine – Cherry Creek High School/University of Colorado Boulder

9.    Helen Threlkeld – Denver School of the Arts

10.  *John Walsh – East High School


U.S. Military Academy

1.   *Thomas Cassidy  - Regis Jesuit High School

2.   *Skylar Lodice – Dakota Ridge High School

3.   *Alden Miller – Denver Academy

4.   *Aaron Rainey – Denver School of Science and Technology

5.   *Kyle Ralph – Columbine High School

6.    John Weigand – Regis Jesuit High School


U.S. Naval Academy

1.   *Thomas Cassidy  - Regis Jesuit High School

2.    Jacob Hinson – Columbine High School

3.   *Skylar Lodice – Dakota Ridge High School

4.  *Alden Miller – Denver Academy

5.   *Kyle Ralph – Columbine High School

6.    Griffen Rollert – Regis Jesuit High School

7.    Samuel Samberson – Metro State University

8.    Louis Stein – Denver Jewish Day School

9.   *John Walsh – East High School

10.  Tyler Yancanella – East High School / Colorado School of Mines


U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

1.    Cole Blake – Regis Jesuit High School

2.   *Michael Melton – Littleton High School

3.   *Aaron Rainey – Denver School of Science and Technology