Holding This Administration Accountable

Feb 8, 2019

Dear Friend

What a week.  

With Democrats now in control of the U.S. House of Representatives, we wasted no time in getting back to work tackling some of the most pressing issues facing our country -- issues that the previous Republican majority refused to take up.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the president delivered his annual State of the Union address to Congress. What we heard was classic state-of-the-union Trump, who tells everybody what they want to hear. Unfortunately, what we are forced to live with every other day is a president whose actions are doing real harm to our country. 

In that speech, the president called on me and my fellow House Democrats to stop pursuing our “ridiculous investigations” of his administration.

Did we comply? Of course not.

Tweet: Trump said he wants Congress to stop its "ridiculous" investigations

On Wednesday -- that very next day -- Energy and Commerce's Environment and Climate Change subcommittee, which I serve on, held its first hearing on Climate Change in over six years. After years of Republican control of the House, just convening a Congressional hearing on this important topic was a big moment.

During that hearing, I asked every single witness two simple questions: Is Climate Change real, and does human activity contribute to it? Every one of them responded with a resounding yes!

For far too long, Republicans refused to examine the threat Climate Change poses to our country. And I believe our efforts this week, to start establishing a real record of facts -- based on science, and not simply partisan political rhetoric -- gives us a chance to start finding some effective solutions to this moral imperative of our time.

Later that evening, I went on Rachel Maddow’s show to talk about a hearing I was chairing the next day on the President Trump’s shameful family separation policy.

We know, from decades of research, that separating children from their parents can have serious and long-lasting consequences. Despite this well-known fact, there is no evidence that senior leaders at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services -- the federal agency responsible for the health and welfare of children -- ever tried to stop this abhorrent policy. We want to know why.

As I continue this search for answers, the lessons I learned from the great Congressman John Dingell, who passed away last night and was one of the legendary leaders of our oversight committee, will continue to guide me. 

John was my mentor and my friend. And he will be missed.

Instagram: I learned from the great Congressman John Dingell

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Diana DeGette
Member of Congress