E&C Leaders Want Better Data Modeling

Jun 5, 2020
In The News

E&C LEADERS WANT BETTER DATA MODELING — "[T]he better the infectious disease modeling, the better we can target our response to public health threats," Committee Chair Frank Pallone, ranking member Greg Walden, and oversight subcommittee chair and ranking member Diana DeGette and Brett Guthrie said this week following a GAO report concluding that federal agencies could do a better job on their modeling efforts.
... The report found that HHS agencies did not "routinely monitor, evaluate, or report on the extent and success of coordination" on these efforts, leading them to "risk missing opportunities to identify and address modeling challenges" such as communicating and obtaining data during outbreaks. "There is potential for overlap and duplication of cross-agency modeling efforts, which could lead to inefficiencies," the watchdog wrote.