Congresswoman Diana DeGette

Representing the First District of Colorado
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“Rather than head down this fiscally treacherous path, I believe we would be far better off with a return to the Pay-As-You-Go rules that led to record surpluses under President Clinton, before two wars and bonus tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans drove our nation into a deficit.

Civil Rights

I've worked to defend and strengthen civil rights my entire professional life. I practiced employment law in Denver with a particular focus on the rights of employees. And as a state and then as a federal legislator, I’ve strived to protect the rights of all Americans, including women, immigrants, minorities and others in Colorado and across the country.   

Consumer Protection

As a senior member of Energy and Commerce Committee, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette has been involved with countless issues that impact consumers’ rights and the public’s expectation that products in the marketplace are safe and held to certain quality standards. More specifically, she has been involved with issues related to the medical device approval process, vaccine development, and protections for individuals involved with human subjects research. She is also involved with technology-driven privacy issues brought about by advances in mobile devices, social media, and the Internet.
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Defense issues are important to our district and to my work in Congress.
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Drug Shortages

According to the FDA, 38 drug shortages were avoided in 2010 thanks primarily to manufacturers who provided early notification of a possible disruption.
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As a senior member of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee, I have advocated for a balanced approach that protects our health, conserves our natural resources, and moves our nation towards energy independence.
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The FRAC Act (Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act) I have introduced is consistent with many of this report’s recommendations, including providing for common-sense safeguards like required disclosure of the chemicals used in the fracking process.


As a fourth-generation Coloradoan, I know firsthand that Colorado’s beautiful lands are one of our state’s greatest resources.

Food Safety

As a senior member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, I have been proud to play a critical role in updating our nation’s outdated and ineffective food safety infrastructure to keep our children safe and our food industry secure.


On October 1st, the health insurance marketplaces for the Affordable Care Act went into effect, helping to bring access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans. Here in Colorado, our state’s new online health marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado, will enable you and your family or small business to shop for, compare, and purchase health insurance that meets your needs and fit your budget.


The costs to lenders are less when loan modifications can be made as opposed to under foreclosures.


These comprehensive immigration reforms are much-needed to fix our broken immigration system.
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One of the most important ways we can revive our economy is to support our small businesses, the backbone of our nation.


Judiciary issues are important to our district and to my work in Congress.

Social Issues

The DREAM Act will open doors for thousands of young people and strengthen our country through their continued service.


With rising oil and gas prices, the need to fully build out our regional rapid transit system is now greater than ever. The redevelopment of Denver Union Station is the central core of FasTracks and will be key in quickly moving people around the metro region and beyond.