Congresswoman Diana DeGette

Representing the First District of Colorado
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10 Health Care Improvements

Repeated Republican efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act were defeated in Congress this year thanks largely to the tireless advocacy of millions of citizens, and we should all be proud of this achievement. But we must turn our energies now toward making bipartisan improvements to the ACA. For a long time, I have been discussing with Republican colleagues 10 improvements we need to make to health care in this country:

  • Reducing premiums
  • Reducing deductibles and other forms of cost-sharing
  • Providing more relief for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Facilitating more competition and choice between health plans
  • Making health plans easier to understand and compare
  • Increasing transparency in pricing across the health system
  • Preventing surprise medical bills
  • Providing more relief from high drug prices
  • Building adequate provider networks
  • Increasing access to primary care, especially in rural, remote, and underserved areas